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Advanced Water S-100: a genuine approach to redox matters.

The role of antioxidants as modulator of redox signaling pathways are of highest importance in our metabolism. More than just players counteracting oxidative stress. This was actively discussed during Paris Redox World Congress last year in 2019. New evidences about the mechanisms by which cells respond to oxidative stress and prevent cell damage and cell death. Furthermore, oxidative stress evaluation as well as recent advances on biomarkers related to redox alteration are better understood. 

ADWATIS was honored to present its Advanced Water S-100 technology as well as to share a medical case in relation to S-100, as presented by SOS Stress Oxydatif Solutions - Mr. Dr. Thierry Berna. Early 2020 we developed Active Alkaline Water as alkaline food supplement to be diluted in low mineralized water. As a food supplement, Advanced Water S-100 offers an original solution due to its mineralization, alkalinity and antioxidant properties. It is recognized in the literature that drinking of reduced (alkaline) water has the following properties, among others:

  • biological antioxidant potential (BAP) increase of blood plasma

  • Stimulation of the body's immune defenses

  • Combats oxidative stress

  • Deacidifying and alkalizing action.

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