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Minerals and ionic charges

The numerous tests carried out with Advanced Water S-100® have surprised scientists, especially at universities specializing in material sciences (water, hydrogen): it has a very particular behavior and characteristics that make it unique. Based on the Lewis theory, it has a stability and a capacity to constantly connect to itself, which fascinates scientists.


Advanced Water S-100® with its essential minerals and negative ionic charges is the most innovative active water in the world in terms of bio-compatibility, mineral composition and alkalinity.

Unique mechanisms of action

ACTIVE water that we can't even imagine ...

The unexpected power of Advanced Water S-100®.

Be inspired. Think about minerals and their negative ion charges.

Principle of electric double layer

The basic principle.jpg

Basic principle: Advanced Water S-100® contains ionic molecular structures coupled with negative ions OH-. Once in contact with any kind of surface, skin, mucosa, material, particles,... water ions interact by reorganizing electric charges. The surface remains polarized and actively prevents from any future building up of foreign particles, (known as "Double electric layer" theory). 

Smart cleansing and purifying power


Advanced Water S-100® and its negatively charged ions, penetrates, encapsulates all kind of particles, molecules, micro-organisms, (...), and removes them by repulsion force (due to same polarity) from all kind of even or uneven microscopic surfaces. Isolated particles and pollutants are easily removed by rinsing. In case of dermo-cosmetic applications, the same delicate cleansing / purifying mechanism does happen on the skin. Alkaline bodycare makes use of the excretory capacities of the skin and mucous' membranes. 

Antibacterial power and virucidal activity

Anti-microbial power.jpg

Advanced Water S-100® quickly polarizes pathogen bacteria. Bacteria outer membrane (Gram-) is lysed by ions force, leading to the destruction of the cell, eliminating any chance of re-contamination. Gram+ type bacteria are quickly dislodged by repulsion force.

It also has virucidal activity (tested in-vitro) on enveloped and non enveloped viruses (including H1N1, corona virus, Sars-Cov2, norovirus, adenovirus and rotavirus) according to EN 14476+A2:07-2019 and according to the protocols in Japan and those in connection with the American ASTM standards. Advanced Water S-100® is not a biocide or bactericide, which makes it unique in its characteristics..

Ionic interaction

Web Ionic Interaction .jpg

During the processes of ionic repulsion/dissolution, the pH of Advanced Water S-100® is neutralized by contact with organic acids on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes  in order to adapt itself to the natural pH. 

Thanks to its surface tension lower than that of water, Advanced Water S-100® penetrates rapidly through the skin or mucous membranes, spreading its unique molecular structures, especially those associated with silicon and phosphorus. It then deploys its activity as evoked in e.g. dermatological tests.

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