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The ADWATIS team

Our passion drives us to excellence

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Chairman and Director

Georges BOUILLE (59) Economist, a Swiss citizen, started his career in internationally renowned companies in finance and packaging industries after graduating in economy in 1987. From 1991 and onward, Georges challenged and succeeded the international introduction at EP Spray System (start-up) of an innovative dispensing technology called BOV for medical, cosmetic and technical applications. Start-up acquired by Aptar Group (listed in NYSE - ATR) in 2005. Then VP Sales/Marketing and member of Seaquist Global Management Team. As VP Business Development for Consumer Health Care division Georges steered Nasal saline & Woundcare applications fields on an international level.

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Jean-Michel VERJUS

Board Member

Jean-Michel VERJUS (58) is a PhD Pharmacist and has been active in the management and the development of OTC products as food supplements, cosmetic and medical devices. He was holding different position as head of wholesale pharmaceutical distributor settled in Geneva area. He was also involved in the development of a medium size pharmaceutical company offering innovative portfolio with saline and natural ingredients for Nasal and Ear wash products.


Masahiro OKAJIMA

Board Member

Masahiro OKAJIMA (69), a Japanese citizen, is a Visiting Professor at Meiji Pharmaceutical University, a well-known Japanese university, and the founder and CEO of A.I.System Products Corp, which was founded in 1980. He is the developer of Advanced Water S-100®, has many patents and has published many scientific papers. He is also a mathematician, developing numerous functions in computer science, educational software and core software for early Toshiba and Sharp PCs. His eldest son, Yoshinao Okajima, has a PhD in engineering from the Tokyo University and is currently a visiting researcher at Meiji Pharmaceutical University. His second son, Keisuke Okajima, is a research assistant at Meiji Pharmaceutical University. Both are executives of A.I.System Products Corp and are devoted to research.

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Board Member

Daniele ANTONIETTI (69), a Swiss citizen and businessman, began his career as plant manager at ICN, a Swiss-based American pharmaceutical company, after graduating from the Lucerne Business School. Later, Daniele founded his own packaging company supplying the pharmaceutical sector among others. His business vision led to the opportunity of a partnership with a Swiss company active in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical dispensing devices, later acquired by the Aptar Group (listed on the New York Stock Exchange - ATR), where Daniele successfully held the position of President of Operations of the Aptar Consumer Health Care Division until his retirement in 2013. Today, Daniele runs his own company AD HVerpackungen AG in Lugano, which serves a well-diversified customer base in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical application fields. He is also co-founder and shareholder of ADWATIS SA.

Our exclusive partner for the French territory for cosmetic applications.

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