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L'expérience Adwatis

We advance the knowledge of alkalinity.

The ADWATIS experience

A paradigm shift: Ionized active Water

Water and ions are by far the most common molecules in our body, as they alone represent nearly 98% of the total number of molecules in the human body. They are the key elements of life and cellular metabolism. 


The vast majority of conventional healthcare and dermalcare products are derived from the chemical industry, whose components are very often considered as controversial or even toxic. 

At ADWATIS, we privilege clean and innovative technologies, favouring interactions with unsuspected properties in terms of dynamism and exchange at the cellular level.

The ionized active water Advanced Water S-100® is part of this logic while fully respecting the values of our ecosystem.

It surprises many health specialists as to its effectiveness, its harmlessness and its unique mode of action.

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More than 100,000

This is the number of interactions per second in our cells. Our cells constantly exchange water and minerals in the form of ions across the cell membrane.
Advanced Water S-100® is part of this logic. Thanks to its minerals with unique molecular structures and its negative ionic charge, Advanced Water S-100® has outstanding properties such as cleansing, purifying and repairing. Furthermore it has an in-vitro proven virucidal efficacy and antibacterial properties. 
A new approach for effective products in dermo-cosmetics, OTC and healthcare. 

Advanced Water S-100® is an ionized ACTIVE water: it is the most innovative in the world in terms of mineralization, low basicity and biocompatibility.

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For effective products in dermo-cosmetics, OTC and healthcare...

Technologie Advanced Water S100

Advanced Water S-100 technology

ACTIVE water that you can't even imagine ...

The unexpected power of Advanced Water S-100®.

Be inspired. Think about minerals and their negative ion charges.

Unique patented technology

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Derived from a patented Japanese medical technology and officially recognized for its beneficial properties for health in Japan and Korea, reduced ionized water has been the subject of numerous scientific publications on its effectiveness in hospitals, and its benefits have been highly recognized in Japan for many years. Advanced Water S-100® is widely used by dermatologists against many skin conditions as well as in therapeutic support in the treatment of various pathologies.

ADW S-100 for your


A technological feat: 100% ACTIVE water thanks to its unique composition of natural mineral salts and its charge of negative ions. Advanced Water S-100® acts both as an active component and as an excipient for innovative products in the dermo-cosmetic and consumer health fields.

  • Antioxidant, soothing and moisturizing effect.

  • Ionic balance and cell regeneration

  • 100% biocompatible

  • The only ACTIVE water with a safe and 100% innovative alkaline pH.

A new technology dedicated to OTC nasal applications

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A major innovation for nasal application given the unique performance of Advanced Water S-100®:​

  • Protects from external aggressions (pollution, pollen, microbes...) by cleansing / eliminating through ionic repulsion forces.

  • Antioxidant, soothing and moisturizing effect.

  • Virucidal efficacy (in-vitro according to the methodology of EN 14476+A2:07-2019 standard – clean conditions) on Sars-CoV2 virus: 99,9% of viral load eliminated in 30 seconds. Log reduction > 3,33. 

  • Virucidal efficacy (in-vitro according to the Japanese standards and methodology).

  • Fully complies with cytotoxicity tests according to ISO 10993-5 for medical device as well as with intranasal tolerance after repeated applications in the rat (in-vivo) according to ISO 10993-10.

  • Scientific Paper Hindawi 6.2022 



Please contact us for more information.

Guaranteed efficacy


Advanced Water S-100® is very efficient and pure. The clinical evaluation tests performed by world-renowned scientific laboratories speak for themselves thanks to its proven effectiveness.

The advantages of a unique and innovative technology:

  • 100% Naturality (EN 16128)

  • Ecocert Cosmos approved - non organic Raw Material

  • Absolutely no preservatives, no toxic or controversial chemistry .

  • Self-conserved thanks to its ionic charge.

Food supplement


As a food supplement, Advanced Water S-100® offers an original solution due to its mineralization, alkalinity and antioxidant properties. 

It is recognized in the literature that drinking of reduced (alkaline) water has the following properties, among others:

  • biological antioxidant potential (BAP) increase of blood plasma

  • Stimulation of the body's immune defenses

  • Combats oxidative stress

  • Deacidifying and alkalizing action.

Unique composition by its richness in minerals and its negatively charged ions

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Made from the purest mountain waters, it is ultra-filtered, then remineralized and restructured through an electrolytic process generating new molecular structures associated in particular with silicium and phosphorus, with negative ionic charges. Advanced Water S-100® is extremely stable and retains its properties for several years. This is both an active and an excipient.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process / Packaging

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Advanced Water S-100® is available for manufacturers of dermo-cosmetic and healthcare products either in 18 liters bag-in-box or 800 liters SpaceKraft packaging .

The production process of Advanced Water S-100® is clean and without any negative impact on the environment. The by-product generated by the electrolytic process, i.e. the acidic water in the anode chamber, has a very low hydrochloric acid content which is neutralized and then eliminated, without any chlorine emanation. Our policy is to take into account not only the security of human life, but also the security of the environment. 

Domaines d'application

Application fields

Dermo-cosmetics & healthcare products

Advanced Water S-100® is an innovative ACTIVE water for dermo-cosmetic applications, food supplements and OTC consumer health products.

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